Illuminati Games

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“Knowledge is power.  The truth will set you free.”

In 1990, role-playing inventor, Steve Jackson was planning his newest game, which he would ultimately call the Illuminati-New World Order.  Mr. Jackson was creating a game that would hit very close to home.  In fact it would hit very close to the Illuminati’s plan for a new world order which is otherwise known as the kingdom of the anti-christ.

Mr. Jackson issued playing cards, three of which correctly predicted future events which were just ahead of us all.  Two of which correctly foretell the last two events that the Bible foretells will occur during the final birth pangs which will usher in the anti-christ!

How did Steve Jackson know?  In fact he knew the plan so exactly that he got a surprise visit from the Secret Service, who tried their best to shut him down & prevent him from publishing his game.  They were very interested in his files which were entitled the “Illuminist BBS“.

On the morning of March 1, 1990, without warning, a force of armed secret service agents stormed the offices of Steve Jackson Games & began to search for computer equipment.  The Illuminist government was worried about what S.J. Games was up to & cooked up a reason to invade their offices & confiscate their materials.  The company, S.J. Games, fought back in court & finally won but nearly went under financially in the process.

David Icke has pulled the most pertinent cards of this game out of the one-hundred cards that the game contains.  Mr. Icke had selected these cards because they strikingly depict the outline of the Illuminati’s agenda which entails starting wars, panics & epidemics which are fundamentally necessary in order to produce the emergence of the anti-christ.  Let us now review these nine pertinent cards in the order that they appear within the game & see how completely & accurately they outlay the Illuminati agenda for world dominion.

Card 1: Rewriting History –

As early as 1911 the Illuminati began buying textbook writing companies.  This allowed them to gain control of the textbooks & once they had that control they gradually began to “dumb down” the curricula & rewrite history.  From World War II up to the modern day, students of public schools have received increasingly inferior educations which has created a population which is nothing more than a herd of largely academically inferior “sheeple”.

2nd Card: Terrorist Nuke-

This card is one of the most shocking of all.  Especially in light of the fact that this game first hit the stores in 1995.  This card accurately depicts several facts of 9/11.  What does the caption to this card mean?  It says “Terrorist Nuke.”  There has been some scientific data that suggest that the Bali Hotel was taken down by a micro nuclear device of about 0.10 kilotons.  One must ask, “was a micro-nuclear device used at the base of the twin towers as well? ”  That kind of small, but nuclear, explosion would account for the sudden manner that the reinforced concrete & steel shell simply crumbled into dust as it fell.  That kind of nuclear explosion would also explain the tremendous amount of heat that lingered at ground zero for several months after the attack.

3rd Card: Pentagon –

When one sees this card, immediately after seeing the twin towers picture, it is quite shocking to say the least.  Unless one had advanced knowledge of the Illuminati’s plan there is no way on Earth that they would have been able to create pictures in 1995 that accurately depicted the events of 9/11.  We know that a plane allegedly flew into a section of the Pentagon & nearly burned that section completely .  However, the rest of the Pentagon was undamaged to the point where its functions continued unimpeded.  Is this not the situation which is depicted here?  This card shows a fire burning mightily in the center courtyard of the Pentagon but the rest of the building looks undamaged enough so that normal activities could continue.  Thus, these two cards literally depict both of the strikes on 9/11.  I am going to display the last six cards without an explanation fore not only are they fairly self-explanatory but I would also like you to draw your own conclusions with regard to the evidence.  Fore knowledge gained is worth more than knowledge given.  The remaining six cards are as follows.

Card 4: Population Reduction –

Card 5: Center For Disease Control –

Card 6: Epidemic –

Card 7: Combined Disasters –

Card 8: Kill For Peace –

Card 9: Tape Runs Out –

There is no such thing as a ‘self-made’ man, we are in fact made up of thousands of others.”

Keep your eyes open & your heart free of doubt. – Your Fellow Traveller

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Sinister Monuments

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Located in a suburb of Toulouse, the ‘Place de la Revolution’ is probably one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati design in existence. It is designed as a huge pyramid hovering atop a map of the world.  The symbolic meaning of this structure reveals a rather grim & elitist ideology & seems to confirm the conspiracy theorist’s claims, which is of course, that the world is led by a secret cabal called the Illuminati.  The Place de la Revolution is situated on a roundabout in the rather quiet commune of Blagnac which is located in Toulouse & a constant flow of cars drive around the monument every day.

As is the case in diverse parts of the world, most local find the monument that adorns their town “nice” & “decorative” without having the slightest idea of its deep occult meaning.  To those who have “eyes to see” it becomes quite evident that the Place de ls Revolution clearly & unequivocally reveals the hidden force which has shaped the past & is relentlessly working to mold the future.  Within this apparently innocuous structure lies the goals, aspirations, philosophy & beliefs of the hidden elite who guide the clueless masses head-long towards a new world order.

The Place de la Revolution was built in 1989 to commemorate the bi-centennial anniversary of the French Revolution.  If one desires to point to a major world event which has been proven to have been inspired by through secret society machinations, one need look no further than the French Revolution.  Although popularly believed to have begun due to a public uprising over the lack of food & government representation it was in fact quite clear that the revolution was instigated by cells of French Freemasonry & the German Illuminati (for a more thorough investigation of the masonic connections to the french revolution please reference John Robinson’s work entitled Born in Blood)

The New Encyclopedia Britannica tells us that “In France there arose a political system & a philosophical outlook that no longer took Christianity for granted, that in fact explicitly exposed it…the brotherhood taught by such groups as the Freemasons, members of secret fraternal societies & the Illuminati provided a rival to the Christian sense of community.”

Secret society researcher & author Nesta H. Webster was even more direct when, in 1924, she wrote the following: “The Masons originated the Revolution with the infamous Duke of Orleans at their head.” [The Masonic Book: A Ritual & Illustration of Freemasonry]

Author Bramley wrote, “During the first French Revolution, a key rebel leader was the Duke of Orlean, who was Grand Master of French Masonry before his resignation at the height of the Revolution.  Marquis de Lafyette, the man who had been initiated into the Masonic fraternity by George Washington, also played an important role in the French revolutionary cause.  The Jacobin Club, which was the radical nucleus of the French revolutionary movement, was founded by French Freemasons.”

Far from hiding this fact, French Masons take great pride in this historical accomplishment.  Many Masonic monuments were erected in France in 1989 to celebrate Freemasonry’s role in the French Revolution.  The one in Blagnac is however particularly revealing.  It is modern, slightly futuristic even & focuses on “what is left to do” rather than on “what has been done”.

The Pyramid-

The pyramid is composed of a total of thirteen layers which is the same as the pyramid that is depicted upon the back of the one dollar bill.  Those that have studied any of the works of art or monuments that were inspired by masonic teachings will be well aware of the fact that the number thirteen is constantly represented in various ways.  This may be a subtle nod to Knights Templar connection, whom were unceremoniously decimated on Friday October 13th, however as of this writing there is no evidence suggesting this.

The top two layers of the pyramid are separated by a metallic divider.  The bottom layers of the pyramid represent the lower degrees of Masonry.  While the top two layers, which are separated by the divider, represent the Illuminati or the “hidden degrees”.  Then we come to the capstone of the pyramid which is where the “truth” is revealed & where the decisions are made.

The bottom layers are simply a school of Hermeticism & are a means to recruit “those who are worthy.”  This pyramid is literally hovering above a map of the world which is depicted within a mosaic.  The symbolism here could not be more blatant.  The pyramid, whose symbolic structure represents the secret societies infiltration of every continent, floats above the mosaic of the entire world therefore metaphorically dominating (Some might say overshadowing) & owning it.

Water within this structure also bears an important & spiritual meaning.  Emanating from the top of the pyramid, water slowly trickles down each layer to finally end up on the map of the world.  Within the mystery tradition water has always been a representation of divine wisdom.  Starting from the capstone, which is representative of the Illuminati or the elite of the world, it descends from one layer to the next, metaphorically “feeding” each Masonic degree with its share of wisdom.  The symbolic end result is that the entire world is filled with, or drowning in, this Illuminati/Masonic knowledge.  When viewed in Kabbalistic terms, water flowing through thirteen layers or “channels” is a direct reference to Mem, the fountain of wisdom.

The Bronze Tablets-

In front of the pyramid there are two bronze tablets which are very reminiscent of Moses’ ten commandments in shape but are engraved with astronomical & planetary glyphs instead of words.  The rectangle slab of bronze uniting the two tablets bears the most pronounced accomplishment of modern Illuminism which is The Declaration of Human Rights.

This Declaration contains many Masonic, Illuminist & alchemical symbols such as the eye of the Great Architect (Lucifer) in its full glory along with the Orobouros (snake eating its own tail which is emblematic of knowledge, possibly Masonic, encompassing the world), the Phrygian cap (the red hat under the Orobouros) & the fasces.  Let us not forget the two Masonic pillars on each side of the Declaration which sustain everything.  The following was written about this monument by journalist Mark Hoffman in his piece entitled Freemasonry & The Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods,

“At the visual focus of this illuminated document, & set apart with striking contrast, we find a familiar Mithraic motif.  A red Phrygian cap set atop the shining white steel of a weapon, itself braced vertically, Excalibur-like, into the presumed bedrock.  Should one doubt the symbolic significance of this spear & it’s Mithraic equivalent, the sword or harpe, attention is directed to the fasces or barsom which otherwise would remain inexplicable in this context.  Also, the red tassel situated above the fasces is an important Masonic symbol for the “mystic tie” that binds Masons, although they might be of diverse opinion & perspective, into a sacred band of friends & brothers; the knoter tie however is a more ancient symbol of cosmic trans-terrestial union.”

The most significant symbol is the eye within the triangle which is also found on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.  It is an unmistakable symbol of the mysteries of the secret societies & has become the most universally recognized symbol of Illuminism within our culture.

The entire structure is meant to resemble this eye within a triangle.  The creators of this structure inscribed at the base of the pyramid its true meaning.  One inscription says,

Le Bonhuer est dons L’angle Ou Les Sages Sant Assemblies” which can be translated to, “Happiness is in the angle where the wise are gathered.”  The phrase is a quote from Jean-Jacques Lequeu whom was a French architect from the revolutionary era that mixed Masonic principles with visionary designs.  The “angle” which was mentioned within Legueu’s enigmatic quote is a direct reference to Freemasonry within which architecture & geometry serve as the basis of their spiritual allegories.

The Masonic symbols of the compass, the square & their consideration of god as in fact being the Great Architect Of The Universe or in other words Lucifer are proof positive of this fact.  In the context of the pyramid however the quote takes on a more specific meaning.  The “angle where the wise are gathered” most probably alludes to the divider placed towards the top of the pyramid, at the level of its capstone, which is only accessible to a select few.  So what the quote really says is, “True happiness is at the top of the pyramid, the Illuminati, where the wisest unite.”

On the other side of the pyramid is another engraving which says, “Temple De La Sagesse Supreme“which can be translated to, “Temple of Supreme Wisdom.”  This is most probably the name of the actual structure which contains obvious Masonic terminology & confirms the above interpretation of its meaning.

The House-

The metal frame of a house surrounds the pyramidal structure.  This represents the metaphorical creation of the “Great Architect” (Lucifer), a great temple, inside of which divine wisdom flows freely.  On the other hand one can interpret this thing as a kind of prison.  Notice how only the tip of the pyramid reaches above the house which alludes to the fact that the Illuminati believes they are the only ones that are able to escape the confine of the material world.

In conclusion, The Place De La Revolution of Blagnac is one of those monuments which simply does not lie.  It celebrates simply, & without any political correctness, the nature of the works of the secret societies.  The “Temple of Supreme Wisdom” is permeated with symbolism which directly alludes to Freemasonry as well as the Illuminati & hides in plain sight the true philosophy of our world leaders.

The French Revolution was a conspiracy theory until it became a historical fact.  In the same way that the new world order is now a conspiracy theory waiting to become a historical fact.  There is however no need to keep this conspiracy hidden fore the masses are far too ignorant to understand what is happening.  They drive around monuments that celebrate the imminent arrival of an Illuminati lead new world order but yet deny its existence subsequently referring to those whom claim it does exist as in need of “tin foil hats”.  Maybe they are right.  Maybe this monument is nothing more than one large tin foil hat which hovers over the world in order to remind us of just how stupid we are.

“The key to wisdom is this, constant & frequent questioning, fore by doubting we are led to question & through questioning we arrive at the the truth.”

Your Fellow Traveller

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Illuminati Courts

Find The Truth & Find Salvation

The Israel Supreme Court is the creation of one elite family, the Rothschilds.  In their negotiations with Israel they have agreed to donate the building under three conditions :

1. The Rothschilds were to choose the plot of land

2. They would use their own architect

3. & no one would ever know the price of it construction

The reasons for those conditions are quite evident.  The Supreme Court building is a temple of the Masonic Mystery Religion & is built by the elite for the elite.  Built in 1992, the Israel Supreme Court sits in Jerusalem, in front of the Knesset (Israeli Legislature).  Its peculiar architecture has earned critical praise due to the architects.  Opposition of old versus new, light versus shadow & straight lines versus curves.  Almost all critics & journalists have however omitted to mention the blatant occult symbols present all over the building.  Masonic & Illuminati principles are physically embodied in numerous instances proving without a doubt who runs the show in their “house of the Rothschilds”.

The Rothschilds are one of the originators of the Zionist movement & the most active participants that took part in the creation of the state of Israel.  James A. De Rothschild financed the Knesset which is Israel’s main political building.  Right in front of it sits the Israeli Supreme Court which was donated by Dorothy De Rothschild whom is yet another member of the dynasty.  In the same general area of Jerusalem we can therefore find the Knesset & the Supreme Court built by the Rothschilds & also positioned upon a perpendicular layline.  Several blocks away sits the Rockefeller Museum.  You might start to understand who owns this area now.  A journey through the Supreme court is in fact a symbolic course towards illumination.

The ultimate “goal” of the journey is to reach the top of the pyramid which is located on the roof of the Supreme Court which is atop of an area where the “holy of holies” would be in a Jewish temple.  Let’s go through the so-called path of the “profane” to reach illumination.  One who enters the supreme court finds himself in a dark area which is in front of a stairway which leads to a source of light.  By climbing those stairs the visitor gradually leaves the depths of darkness to finally reach glorious sunlight.  There are exactly three times ten steps totalling thirty.  They represent the thirty initial degrees of Freemasonry within which the profane are gradually taken from the depths of material life (darkness) to wisdom & illumination (light).  We know that Freemasonry comprises a total of thirty-three degrees & we will later see where we can find those last three degrees within the structure.

On the right side of the stairs are old rocks while on the left is a smooth modern wall.  This represents the timeless nature of occult teachings which have been transmitted since ancient times to this day.  Once having climbed the stairs the visitor can admire a great view of Jerusalem.  In a symbolic way, the enlightened person gained “spiritual sight.”

Embedded on the floor is a layline which guides the traveler to the entrance of the library which is conveniently placed right under the pyramid.  The library is divided into three levels which symbolically represents the last three degrees of Freemasonry which are the thirty-first, the thirty-second and the honorary  thirty-third degree.  The first level is reserved for lawyers, the second is reserved for judges & the books on the third level can only be read by retired judges.  The library’s way of functioning, where some information is the exclusive privilege of a selected few, directly correlates with the functioning of occult orders within which teachings of a certain degree can only be given if the initiates have successfully cleared the previous degrees.  The library contains legal, judicial, philosophical & spiritual works.  There is no doubt that the “reserved” books contain a wealth of esoteric knowledge.  Right above the higher level of the library (representing the thirty-third level of masonry) is the base of the pyramid.

This is where Freemasonry symbolically ends & the order of the Illuminati begins.

The Courtrooms-

The entrances of the courtrooms are said to resemble ancient Jewish tombs.  The holes atop the door are meant to permit the soul to leave the room.  The prison cells, the courtroom & the Judge’s quarters are placed one on top of the other which symbolizes the threefold nature of the world.  The inmates are stuck in cells which symbolize the prison of the lower world.  The courtrooms which are placed right over the prison cells represent the “higher world” where divinity gets in touch with humanity.  After the hearings the judges retire to their quarters which are situated right over the courtroom.  They symbolically “ascend” to the divine world.  When a decision is taken they “descend” to bring illumination to the lower world.  Outside the courtrooms is a stairway leading to a lower level.  No occult temple would be complete without these.

A wise man was once asked, ‘How do you know so much about everything?’  His response was ‘By never being afraid or ashamed to ask questions as to anything of which I was ignorant.'”

-Your Fellow Traveller

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Philosopher Kings of The Illuminati

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Essentially, while the Kabbalah can be traced back to back to Babylon, it was not there that its initial doctrines were expressed in literary form.  It was first espoused in ancient Greece.  Though the Jews were allowed to return to Palestine by Cyrus the Great no evidence of Jewish literature makes its appearance until the third century a.d.  Rather, the earliest elaboration of kabbalistic doctrines takes place in Greece, among the so-called philosophers, particularly Pythagoras & later Plato who has long been regarded as the godfather of this tradition.

The cult of Orpheus known as Orphism, became the basis of the philosophical cult developed by Pythagoras.  Accounts of Pythagoras having journeyed to Babylon for his learning are extensive.  Through his influence these ideas were then transmitted to Plato.  Therefore, according to Momigliano, in Alien Wisdom, “It was Plato who made Persian wisdom thoroughly fashionable, though the exact place of Plato in the story is ambiguous & paradoxical.”

Actually, Plato’s position is not so ambiguous.  Although scholars & Momigliano are merely troubled that it was evident that it was Plato, whom is otherwise considered the preeminent example of Greek rationality, was evidently immersed in occultic thought.  Though Plato is regarded as the greatest philosopher of western civilization, he is far from deserving of that reputation & only achieved popular notoriety over the last two hundred and fifty years, through the influence of the Illuminati controlled press.

Throughout the centuries occultists have regarded Plato as the great founder of their agenda & even Jewish Cabalists regarded him as an exponent of their ideas.  While the Kabbalah was gaining roots in Babylon it was Plato who first elaborated upon the principle of world dominion by formulating his vision for a totalitarian state which would be governed by the “chosen people”.  Within antiquity, the reputation of Plato’s purported connection with the Magi was widespread.  According to Aristobolus, a third century b.c. Jewish philosopher, Plato had access to translations  of Jewish texts & therefore, “It is evident that Plato imitated our legislation & that he had investigated thoroughly each of the elements in it…for he was very learned, as was Pythagoras, whom transferred many of our doctrines & integrated them into his own beliefs.”

Eudoxus of Cnidus, who seems to have acted as head of the academy during Plato’s absence, travelled to Babylon & Egypt where he studied at Heliopolis, where he learned the so-called “priestly wisdom” & astrology.  According to Pliny, Eudoxus “wished magic [the cult of the magi] to be recognized as the most noble & useful of the schools of philosophy.”  In The Laws Plato proposed astrological ideas about which E.R. Dodds, whom is skeptical of the extent of magial influence upon Plato’s thought process, is willing to concede that, “…the proposals of the laws do seem to give the heavenly bodies a religious importance which they lacked in an ordinary Greek cult, though there may have been partial precedents in Pythagorean thought & usage.  & in the Epinomis, which I am inclined to regard either as Plato’s own work or as put together by his Nachlass (unpublished works), we meet with something that is certainly Oriental & is frankly presented as such, the proposal for public worship of the planets.”

The Epinomis, which is either a work of Plato, or his pupil Phillip of Opus, is clearly influenced by the Magi.  According to the Epinomis, “That science which makes men most wise“, is astrology.  Astrology proffers man with the knowledge of numbers, in other words, numerology, without which man cannot attain to a knowledge of virtue.  This knowledge, according to the author, belonged originally to the Egyptians & the Syrians, “From when the knowledge has reached to all countries, including our own, after having been tested by thousands of years & time without end.”

However, the great treatise of Kabbalistic thought within the Greek language is the Timaeus.  Like the Epinomis, the Timaeus categorizes the purpose of life as to study Astrology.  But, it is in the Republic that Plato articulates the need for a totalitarian state to be governed by philosopher kings, whom are to be instructed in this pseudo science.  The Republic provided the basis for the modern fascist projects of the Illuminati some of these projects are as follows:

1.  The elimination of marriage & the modern family,

2. Compulsory education which according to Plato compulsory schooling is to be implemented in order to separate children from their parents so that they can be indoctrinated into the ideals of the state, “They [philosopher kings] will begin by sending out into the country all the inhabitants of the city who are more than ten years old, & will take possession of their children, who will be unaffected by the habits of their parents; these they will train in their own habits & laws, I mean in the laws which we have given them.”

He was also the first to articulate the use of Eugenics by the state.  According to Plato, “all these women shall be wives in common to all men & not one of them shall live privately with any man; the children too should be held in common so that no parent shall know which is his own offspring & no child shall know his parent.”  In addition to this he says, “the best men must cohabit with the best women in as many case as possible & the worst with the worst in the fewest & that the offspring of the one must be reared & that of the other not if the flock is to be as perfect as possible.” 

He also emphasized the employment of deceptive propaganda methods by the state.  According to Plato, “Our rulers will find a considerable dose of falsehood & deceit necessary for the good of their subjects.”

More pernicious still is his prescription for infanticide, “The offspring of the inferior & any of those of the other sort who are born defective will be properly disposed of in secret so that no one will know what has become of them.”

A republic is only as strong as its people.  Stay vigilant are this may be or tomorrow Your Fellow Traveller

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The Truth About Satanic Cults

Find The Truth & Find Salvation

One of the delusions that will be cleared up at the outset of this post is the lie that leading Satanists do not believe in or truly worship the Devil.  First of all it should be understood that Anton La Vey, the founder of the Church of Satan, viewed Satan as a true entity that he truly worshipped before his death.  Anton La Vey deceived a lot of people who joined the Church of Satan by deliberately deceiving them into believing that “Satan only represented the repressed forces of nature and in fact was not a real entity.

In Interviews with former Charles Manson family member Susan Atkins, whom is still in prison after being convicted of eight murders, Atkins blew the lid off of La Vey’s lies.  As a former associate of Anton La Vey’s, who danced for him and spent personal time with him before joining the Manson family, she was privy to conversations with La Vey before he became popular.  Atkins repeatedly said that La Vey promotes a watered down, palatable form of Satanism to the ignorant masses which he is deceiving.  He presented the exact opposite to her & to his inner core of Satanists within the Church of Satan.  Atkins stated the following:

Anton told me that as a Satanist he did not believe in the God of the Bible& he refused to worship him.  He made a conscious decision to worship Satan instead.”

La Vey was aware that few people were ignorant enough to truly turn their lives over to Satan, knowing that they would not only be allowing themselves to be controlled by the enemy of God but subsequently they would spend eternity suffering the torments of hell.  La Vey therefore presented a seeker sensitive, user-friendly form of Satanism in the hope that it might appeal to the masses whom he was seeking to deceive.  La Vey sought to put such a spin on Satanism as to present it as a kinder, more gentile form of Devil worship by claiming that Satan merely represents a force in nature.  All of this was done to garner unwitting recruits.

For starters, one should never trust a Satanist.  Satanists view lying as one of their highest virtues which is in complete contradiction to the tenants of true Christianity.  La Vey & other Satanists serve the one whom Jesus repudiated as “The Father of Lies” (John 8:44).  It would be just like the father of lies to cloak his religion in non-reality.  Satan has long been about deception & has successfully deceived many recruits into believing that they are simply worshipping a symbol rather than a reality.  Satan relishes in such ignorance!

Atkins testimony that La Vey was deliberately “duping” Satanists in the outer circle is corroborated by evidence from Le Vays own admissions.  La Vey let his guard down when responding to other Satanists whom considered him “not extreme enough” by stating that, “If they were at all intelligent they would realize that there was only so much that he could say in public…I will not advance things in print which make my position untenable…How long would the Church of Satan have lasted if I had not appeased & outraged in just the right combination?  It required a certain amount of discretion & diplomacy to balance the outrage.” (Lucifer Rising, pg. 133)

Purposeful deception is need among leading Satanists to enslave those who recruit as unscrupulous & unsuspecting pawns who feel more comfortable believing that Satan is a symbol for force.  Few Satanists realize the evil intentions that permeate the inner core of Satanists & how they view lower initiates as mere puppets whom can be used & later discarded.  Those within the higher echelon of the movement are often aware of the true nature of Satan & the demonic realm which they serve.  Notwithstanding, they are often bound & blinded on another level because they have become addicted to the power that Satan has deceptively promised them.

Kenneth Anger, who was a co-founder of the Church of Satan along with Anton La Vey, used a similiar spin on Satanism.  Mr. Anger stated in the 1960’s, in his film Lucifer Rising, that “Lucifer is the light of God, not the Devil“, this statement was taken from the jacket of the film.  This delusion that Lucifer is really the God of Light & not Satan should not surprise us, fore God’s word warns us through the following passage, “And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” – 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Years later, after Mr Anger had deceived multitudes of people into thinking they were worshipping the supposed “light god”, an entity that was not really Satan, he confessed that Lucifer had always been the historical Satan.  However, this confession came far to late for the throngs of Satanists whom had been deceived & had long since passed into the service of the “dark lord”.  It is far to late for those whom are now cursing the likes of Mr. Anger, Mr. La Vey & Satan from the depths of Hell.

It would appear that the musician Marilyn Manson is doing nothing more than playing the same mind game with his fans as did Mr. Anger & Mr. La Vey.  Besides following the teachings of Mr. La Vey, Mr. Manson readily admits that, “I’ve taken a lot of my inspiration from Kenneth Anger.”  Sadly, while the leaders of the movement are well aware of the genuinely dark nature of their treacherous master, the multitudes whom swell the ranks within their church are naively believing that they are part of some nature religion.  They are taught that either a real Satan does not exist or that Hell will not be that hot.  This of course is pure nonsense.  Anton La Vey was severely deceived, as is clearly depicted through a statement which is contained within The Satanic Bible, “I will reign with Satan in Hell.”  I am quite sure that Mr. La Vey now realizes the folly of his ways & in fact realizes that he was the most deceived of all.

The scriptures are quite clear that Hell was created as a place of torment for Satan & his angels (Matthew 25:40-43).

So even leaders within the Church of Satan, who are deliberately deceiving their initiates, are in fact being deceived themselves through the belief that they will attain some place of prestige when they reach Hell.

“Evil men & impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving & being deceived.” –         2 Timothy 3:13

Richard Ramirez, known as the Night Stalker, was deceived by Anton La Vey’s assertion, which is contained within the satanic bible, that denotes that Satanists could reign in Hell.  Ramirez believed that his human sacrifices to Satan would earn him a place of rulership in Hell next to Jack the Ripper & other serial killers.

Further evidence of the actual system of belief of leading Satanists is represented through the assertions of Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino of the United States Army.  Mr. Aquino was a leader within Mr. La Vey’s Church of Satan & was purported to be Mr. La Vey’s “second in command” before he broke off in order to begin his own satanic order which was called The Temple of Set.  Mr. Aquino ended up taking several of Mr. La Vey’s followers with him.  The Temple of Set would eventually attract the likes of Mr. La Vey’s daughter, Zeena La Vey.  So rabid a Satanist is Aquino that he had the number 666 tattooed on his scalp.  The Temple of Set proclaims that Set, another name for Satan, is a real entity & is a name for “the oldest known form of the prince of darkness.”  Mr. Aquino believed that it was time for Satan to come out of the closet in all of his naked deformity.  Mr. Aquino even took his more direct portrayal of Satanism to the television airways where he virtually admitted that Satan is a real entity & that many are still in the dark as to whom they are really worshipping, including millions of new agers.  On the Oprah Winfrey Show, Mr. Aquino candidly admitted that his church was following the infernal being that orchestrated the initial rebellion against God, the creator of the universe.  This assertion, verbatim, is as follows: “We believe that this quality [to oppose God’s natural order] in the human soul that makes it different from all other lifeforms…was deliberately inculcated in humanity in its distant evolutionary past by an active agency that is acting in defiance of the universal norm [God’s moral law].  & that agency has been caricatured as Lucifer, as Satan, & in the greatest antiquity by the ancient Egyptians as Set.”  Mr. Aquino went on to describe how they believed that they as Satanists are now becoming Gods.  This was at the heart of Satan’s initial rebellion.  & now Mr. Aquino was parroting the essence of Satanism, which is a desire to usurp the true & living God’s authority & follow Satan into God realization.  “We are not servants of some God,” declared Mr. Aquino, “We are our own gods!”  Oprah Winfrey appeared to be surprised to find out that this was exactly what she believed as a new ager, failing to realize that the New Age movement was nothing more than and extension of Crowleyan Satanism which is just like Mr. Aquino’s Satanism.  Mrs. Winfrey went on to ask Mr. Aquino the following, “Well, the way you explain this is the way a lot of people who are into metaphysics, the New Age movement & New Age thinking define their systems of belief.  Are you saying that it’s the same?”  Mr. Aquino, without skipping a beat said, “yes” to Mrs. Winfrey’s question, implying that New Agers & Satanists are walking the same path in the rebellion against God & in their quest to achieve god-hood as they follow in Satan’s footsteps.  He only clarified that most New Agers are not aware that they have joined a satanic rebellion against God & that Satanist’s know what is going on.  Mr. Aquino stated the following, “Yes, except that I would say we [Satanists] have a more precise grasp…we would say that we understand whats actually happening a little better than many New Agers.”  After bringing Satan out of the closet The Temple of Set failed to enlist the large amount of recruits they apparently had hoped for.  In their failure to acquire more recruits they changed their method of evangelism & returned to a formula more in keeping with that of the Church of Satan.  Today the Temple of Set like the Church of Satan espouses a more palatable, seeker sensitive form of Satanism so as not to scare off potential recruits.

The result is that Satan is once again cloaked in ambiguity & the song remains the same as inner circle initiates continue deceiving outer circle initiates.  Mrs. Winfrey was surprised that Mr. Aquino, as a self-confessed Satanist, would try to deny the hard facts of the evil behind Satanism.  When Mr. Aquino stated that they as Satanists have “nothing to do with evil,” she said, “It’s just difficult for me to understand that the devil is a good thing…that Satan isn’t evil which is the opposite of what everybody in this world has been taught…” Mrs. Winfrey went on the exclaim, “In every state of the nation authorities are investigating some form of what they call satanic activity…children are telling the same stories about infants being murdered before their eyes in strange devil rituals.  The list of bizarre stories goes on & on.”  Not surprisingly Mr. Aquino tried unsuccessfully at this point to put another spin on Satanism by claiming that they are not into such things.  Even as leading Satanists like to hide the fact that they are truly worshipping Satan so it is that they seek to deny that Satanists sacrifice humans including children.  The truth of the matter is that Aleister Crowley, whom Mr. Aquino acknowledges, had an incredible influence on Aquino & The Temple of Set, not only taught his followers to engage in child sacrifice but admitted to sacrificing scores of children himself.  After Mr. Aquino made the false claim that Satanists do not really sacrifice children a law enforcement officer spoke up & stated, “To say that there are no bodies & that these [Satanists] are not committing crimes is the farthest thing from the truth…in every case that I’ve investigated, now exceeding well over 200, I have found this particular book.”  The officer then proceeded to hold up a copy of the Satanic Bible.

In the Satanic Bible, Mr. La Vey, seeking to not advance thing in print which made his position untenable lest he found himself behind bars, stated that his followers were to commit human sacrifices by proxy, “We perform human sacrifices, by proxy you might say…the destruction of human beings who would, lets say, create an antagonistic situation towards us…in the form of a curse & hexes, not in actual blood rituals because certainly the destruction of a human being physically is illegal.”  Note that the only reason La Vey concedes “that he is not publicly advocating actual physical human sacrifice is because it is against the law”, implying that if he could get away with it they would do it.  In fact La Vey takes credit for the death of Jayne Mansfield & her boyfriend  Lawyer Sam Brody, stating that it was a result of a ritual curse on Mr. Brody, & Ms. Mansfield happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Mr. La Vey also believed that he was responsible for the Manson family murders.  Manson was heavily influenced by the Satanic cult known as The Process. The Process also acknowledged that Satan is a real entity.  Their particularly twisted spin, in an effort to get unwitting recruits, was not to pretend Satan was not a true entity but to claim that Satan was actually a Jesus loving Devil.  The Process claimed that they, Jesus & Satan, had reconciled & that all would work out well in the end for everyone including Satanists, because Jesus had supposedly forgiven the Devil.  Ridiculous as this suggestion was it proved successful in garnering more than a few recruits.  The bodies have piled up & the idea that Satanism is not behind the death of countless multitudes of innocent people is a lie only believed by the incredibly naive.

Manson was a confessed Satanist & was responsible for up to thirty-five murders if the admissions of his former followers are to be believed.  Charles Manson, whom Marilyn Manson cites as one of his preeminent inspirations & a brilliant philosopher, has stated, “Jesus Christ is for real & so is that other guy [i.e. Satan].”  Charles Manson knows that Satan, whom he serves, is a real entity & has been more candid than has his follower Marilyn Manson.

The Son of Sam, whom was a part of a Process coven, made up of 22 Satanists & connected to several other satanic covens also murdered several people under the direction of the coven.  Richard Ramirez who followed the Satanic Bible & met with Anton La Vey before his Satanic killing spree killed twenty people.  Ramirez even went so far as to torture his victims & made some “swear to Satan.”  Between Manson, the Son of Sam & Richard Ramirez alone we have dozens of murders in the name of Satan.  I have more than sufficiently made my case for those of you who will honestly look at the evidence.  We have now seen evidence that the most influential & notorious Satanic leaders have had a campaign to deceive their devotees into becoming unwitting followers for Satan.

“What good does it do oneself to gain the entire world, if they lose their soul in the process.” – Your fellow traveller on the path.


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The Cult Of Marx

FInd The Truth & Find Salvation

The Origin of Marxism is within a Luciferian mystery cult.  Something Which only a few Marxists are aware of.  In early youth Marx was a Christian.  His first work was entitled, Unity In Believers of Christ According to The Gospel of John.  But soon after receiving his diploma, something strange happened.  Even before Moses Hess led Marx to socialistic persuasions in 1841, he had become a zealous atheist.  This change of character could be seen in his later student years.  In one of his verses Marx wrote, “I long to take vengeance on the one who rules from above.”  Was Marx only someones speaker in this defiant assertion?  During this period, these lines written by him from the poem entitled, Conjuration of Falling Into Despair:

“I’ll set up my throne above, cold & terrible will be the peak of it.  Superstitious trembling is at it’s base, master most black agony.  The one who will look with healthy looks, will turn away, turn pale & deadly mute.  Possessed by blind & cold deathness, will prepare a tomb with his happiness.”

These lines are strangely reminescent of Lucifer’s proud boast, which is as follows:

I will ascend to Heaven, higher than God’s stars I will set up my throne.” – Isaiah 14:13

Why did Marx need such a throne?  The answer to this question is contained within an infamous drama which was written by Marx.  The drama is entitled Oulanem.  In it there is mention of a satanic black mass, a ritual which is conducted by a priest at midnight within which a bible is burned on a black altar.  All types of depravity are promised to the participants as they mire themselves within the midst of an orgy.  The Oulanem can be understood once we invistigate Marx’s bizarre confession which is contained within the verse of the Oulanem which  is entitled “Nidler”:

” Hellish evaporations rise & fill my brains, until I will go mad & my heart will not change dramatically.  See this sword?  The King of Darkness sold it to me.”

These lines have special meaning when we take into account that during the rituals of higher dedication into a satanic cult  a sword that guarantees success is sold to prospective initiate.  He pays for it  by signing the contract with blood extracted from his veins,  this act is said to bind his soul to the devil after death.  Now I will quote yet another “enlightening” section of the Oulanem:

“Fore he is marking time & giving signs.  Bolder & bolder I play the dance of death, & they too, Oulanem, Oulanem.  This name sounds like death, sounds until won’t stop in miserable shapes.  Halt! Now I have it.  It rises from my soul, clear as air, hard as my bones.  & still, you personified mankind, I may take you by the power of my mighty hands & crush with fierce force in the meantime, as the abyss gapes before me & you in the darkness, you will fall in it & I will follow you, laughing & whispering into your ear.  Come down with me friend!”

The Holy Scriptures, which Marx learned in high school, relate that the Devil was cast down by an angel into the abyss (Rev. 20:3).  Why would Marx want to send all mankind into the abyss which had been prepared for the Devil & his fellow traitorous angels?  Who speaks for Marx within this drama? Is it reasonable to expect this from such a young man, that he would dream that mankind would fall into the “abyss” & that laughing he will follow those who were ensnared by unbelief?

Nowhere in the world is this idea cultivated except within the rituals of dedication into the higher degrees of the Satanic Church.  Oulanem is probably the only drama in the world within which all the players or so sure of their sinfulness that they subsequently revel in it as though they were on a holiday.  There is neither white nor black, neither Claudio nor Ophelia or Iago & Desdemona.  Everything is black within it & everyone appeared to possess the proto-typical depiction of Mephistopheles.

All of its players are demonic & doomed to perish.  While Marx was penning Oulanem the plan for his life was quite clear.  He had no illusions about serving mankind, the proletariat or socialism.  He wanted to destroy the world, set up a throne for himself that would be based upon the worlds dersivie elements.  Marx had a penchant for quoting Mephistopheles’ words as spoken in Faust:

“All exisitng is worthy to be destroyed”

Let us now examine current communistic socieities within our world since the time of Marx & understand what his idealism has brought.

U.S.S.R.- By 1953 twenty million Soviet citizens had been brutally slaughtered within Stalin’s labor camps & gualags as well as summarily executed by his death squads.

China- In 1966 Chairman Mao announced the “Great Cultural Revolution.”  Over a million people were killed by this sadistic campaign of torture & murder.

Southeat Asia/Cambodia- The Khmer Rouge, Communist Guerillas, seized power of Cambodia.  70% of the entire population were slaughtered in the “killing fields”.

Marx’s correspondence with his father is a testament to his behaivour which caused endless conflicts with his parents.  Some mysterious entries appear within this correspondence.  For instance the son writes,

“The cover has fallen.  My holy of holies was rent asunder & there was a need to put new gods there.”

This was written on November 10, 1837 by the young man who previously professed to to be a Christian.  Fore whatever reason his system of belief changed dramatically.  What new gods replaced Christ?  Marx’s father replied (February 10, 1838),

“I did’nt demand any explanations about such a mysterious thing, though it seems to be very controversial.”  

What was that mysterious thing?  No biographer has been able to explain these puzzling words.  What suddenly caused young Marx’s father to express anxiety for the controversial influences which had overtaken his young son?

I shall now quote one final poem which Mr. Marx wrote,

“I have lost heaven, & know that for sure.  My soul, once faithful to god, now is destined for hell.”

Ineed not comment.  Marx was the implacable enemy of all gods, a man who bought a sword from the prince of darkness for the price of his soul.

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