Muhammad & The Demons

Seek The Truth & Find Salvation

Let’s begin our examination of Islam with the person of Muhammad & his revelations.  Fore this is where it all started, the cave of Hira.

If we expect to accurately discern the spirit of Islam then we must begin at the foundation, we must examine the seed.  Muhammad is the founder of Islam & is believed by Muslims to be the sole human instrument that “received” the words of the Quran directly from Allah.

The Birth of The Quran-

Muslims believe that when Muhammad received the revelations which make up the Quran, that he received them directly from Allah.  So the question becomes Is the Quran a revelation from God?  To answer this question let us turn to the words of a muslim cleric as he is interviewed on Al Jazeera.  These words were spoken by said cleric to a woman whom had called in to the interview, that goes by the name Mrs. Mariam.

Mrs. Mariam: If the Quran was a revelation from God, why does it despise women?  Why were there wars? & why does Islam treat other religions in a racist way?

The Interviewer: Thank you Mrs. Mariam for your question.  Father Zakaria, how do you answer that question?

Father Zakeria (Muslim Cleric): Mariam says that if the Quran was really a revelation from God, why does it teach about despising women, wars, racism, plus sex on earth & in heaven?  There are many faults in these alleged revelations & in the teachings of the Quran.  That is why we are reaching out to our Muslim brother & reminding hims that these things will affect your eternal life since you are following a religion & its teachings.  Are you sure that these teachings will lead you to the eternal life?  Or, in the end, will you find yourself at a dead end where there is nothing.  That is why I am faithfully and sincerely calling upon each Muslim.  Please study your religion & look for the truth!  That is all I want to say!

Muhammad’s Long-Term Relationship with the Jinn-

The Interviewer: Dr. Ammari, from your research can you prove that Muhammad, his family & his wives “Khadija” & “Aisha” had relationships with the Jinn & with sorcery?

Dr. Ammari (Islamic Academic): Of course they did.  When we study Amna [Muhammad’s mother] we find out that her aunt, Sada Bint Zahra was a priestess of the Jinn in Mexico.  & that Abd El Muttalib, Muhammad’s grandfather, wanted to have his son Abd Allah marry Amna in order to approach Sada Bint Zahara.  Also, Amna charmed Mohammad from the spell & the evil eye.  Also, Islamic books tell us that anyone who could chant someone free from a spell must be a capable Jinn priest whom is supported by a great number of demons in order to have the ability to chant someone free of a spell.  Here is a section of the text which relays this incident, “& Muhammad started  trembling & his mouth started foaming & got all the signs on him,” etc.  When we study Abd El Mutalib [Muhammad’s grandfather], we see that his religion was the religion of the Jinn’s.  There are many Proofs:

1. To determine someones religion you would ask where was he baptized & where did he baptize his children?  Abd El  Mutalib dedicated his son, Abd Allah, at the temple of a woman named Kutba who was a priestess of the Jinn.

2. You would ask who did he marry?  When Abd El Mutalib wanted to have Muhammad married he took him to the priestesses of the Jinn. 

3. Muhammad went to live at his uncle’s Abo Talib after his grandfather died.  Abo Talib’s son, Talib, was kidnapped by the Jinn & was never found.  His other son, Jafar, had two sons who were attacked by the Jinn.  Muhammad ordered them to be charmed in order to free them from the Jinn attack.

Interviewer: Therefore, Muhammad’s family from his grandfather & uncle etc. had strange relations with strange creatures.

Dr. Ammari: Exactly!  So how is it possible that God would pick a prophet from a family deeply involved in sorcery?  Deuteronomy, a book in the Old Testament, in Chapter 18: 10 & 11 says, “There shall not be found among you…anyone who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer.  Or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.”  So God, in the Holy Bible, is against charming because it is magic!

The Cave of Hira-

Interviewer: Father Zakaria Boutris, here is our question for you.  What did Muhammad do in the cave Hira (Ghar Hiraa)?  Islamic books say that Muhammad used to go to cave Hira to worship for several nights at a time.

Father Zakaria: According to the Islamic resources Muhammad used to go there to worship, following the example of Al Hanifa like his grandfather Abd El Mutalib.  The Islamic resources also mention that Khadija said, “I wish you would become the prophet of this nation.”  They saw that the Jews had Moses as their own prophet & Christians had Issa (Jesus) as their prophet [Muslims also few Jesus as a prophet] so why don’t the Arab nations have their own prophet?  Therefore, they were looking forward to having their own prophet.  Sheikh Khalil Abd El Karim, the graduate of Al Azhar Mosque in Egypt, mentioned in his book, ‘The Forming Period In The Life of The Sincere & Faithful’, that Khadija, Warago Bin Noufal & Pastor Buhaira formed the first school that trained & prepared Muhammad to hopefully become a prophet.  During the first five years of this preparation period Khadija used to go with Muhammad to an area near the cave Hira where she used to wait for him until he came back from his seclusion.  She had learned that Moses & other prophets went to the mountains & then became prophets, so she wanted to lead Muhammad along the same path hoping that something might happen to him which would signify was the prophet they desired.  What happened in this cave?

Interviewer: Father Zakaria, according to the story, when Muhammad went to cave Hira why could he not recognize that what he met was either a Jinn, a demon or an angel?  & Why did Muhammad leave trembling?

Father Zakaria: With due respect to your question, according to the Sira books, Muhammad never thought that what he met was an angel!  He always believed that it was a Jinn & that it was his (Muhammad’s) follower & that he was touched by the Jinn & that he had Jinn’s.  The Sira books never mention that Muhammad though he saw an angel there.  Why, because the appearance of an angel to a human being has always been accompanied with many signs.  The most important sign throughout the holy history, in both the Old & New Testaments, was that the angel would bring peace!  For example, when the angel appeared to the Virgin Mary he said, “Peace is upon you.  You are full of blessings & God is with you.”  The angel’s appearance brought peace, comfort & tranquility.  But the appearance of what was named Jibril (Gabriel) to Muhammad was accompanied with a strange thing, it was strangling him!  That is why Muhammad had no doubt that it was the Jinn & that this Jinn was his follower!

Interviewer: As you were saying Father Zakaria that the sign of angel appearance is peace but what happened to Muhammad was never peaceful?

Father Zakaria: Horror.  The angel strangled him, according to the story three times the angel says, “Read”,  Muhammad answers, “I can’t read”, then the angel strangled him.  So how can that be an angel if he’s strangling him?  Angels come as agents of mercy in order to give life, not to strangle people!  From here was Muhammad’s doubt that this could not be an angel.  Muhammad never thought that it was an angel.  He thought that it was a demon & he went to Khadija & told her, “I saw a follower, or I was touched by a Jinn.”  That was all he thought!

So, fellow travellers, the lesson here is that one should always know the truth behind that which they choose to follow.

“There is so much good in the worst of us, & so much bad in the best of us that it ill behaves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.”

-Your Fellow Traveller.


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