Illuminati Capitals: Astana

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Astana Khazakhstan-

Astana is the first capital which is being built within the 21st century & it perfectly represents where our world is heading.  This is capital is the vision of Nur Sultan Nazarbayev.  Backed by billions of Petro dollars, the city is being built from scratch in a remote & virtually deserted area of the asian steppes.  The result is astonishing.  It is a futuristic, occult capital which embraces the New World Order while celebrating the most ancient religion known to humanity.  This religion is of course Sun worship.

The city is still a huge construction site but the building which are already completed sum up Nazarbayev’s occult vision.  A description of some of these buildings are as follows:

The Pyramid of Peace-

Conceived of by britain’s most prolific architect, Lord Norman Foster, this giant pyramid is an odd presence in the middle of the asian steppes.  The building is dedicated “To Bringing Together The World’s Religions.”  Norman Foster has stated that the building has no recognizable religious symbols.  This was done in order to permit the “harmonious reunification of confession.”  In reality, the pyramid is a temple for the occultists true religion, i.e sun worship.  A journey inside the building is truly a symbolic one.  It purportedly represents each human’s path to illumination.

The Pyramidal Shape-

“The initiate accepted the pyramid form as the ideal symbol of both the secret doctrine & those institutions which were established for its dessemination.” – Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The Pyramid is the symbol which represents the mysteries.  It embodies both the divine knowledge owned by the Illuminated & the bewilderment of the masses.  Let’s take a tour of this pyramid.

The Opera House- (Basement)

When entering the pyramid at ground level the interior is dark & cavernous.  The basement houses Astana’s opera house within which the unsuspecting masses or plied with entertainment.  Despite the darkness a massive image of the sun occupies almost all of the ceiling.

The Midsection-

Right on top of the opera house is the central space of the pyramid.  It acts as the meeting room for conferences which reunite religious leaders of the world.

Let us take a moment & ingest the symbolism here.  You have religious leaders from all over the world sitting around a huge depiction of the sun discussing how to reconcile their differences in order to cooperate within the coming new.  The symbolism here is blatant.  This space is much more luminous than the opera house which is quite representative of the human’s progress towards illumination.  The sun image at the center of the table is exactly over the top of the sun image in the roof of the opera house.

So, while the general public is being entertained in the darkness of the material world (opera house).  The illuminated, sitting right above them, are contemplating how to reach godliness and subsequently force those conclusions upon said general public.

The Apex-

The apex is round, completely enclosed in glass & bathed in endless sunlight.  Images of white doves are embedded within the windows representing the peace which will inevitably result in the unification of the world’s governments & religions within the planned New World Order.

Upon the ceiling of the apex we see the solar deity shining upon the illuminated.

The Pyramid’s Divisions-

The lower opera house, the middle’s conference room & the “godly” apex embody the Pythagorean vision of the world.  Pythagoras’ teachings are thoroughly studied within todays occult societies.  Pythagoras divided the universe into three parts which he referred to as the supreme world, the superior world, & the inferior world.  Guess which one the “illuminated” view as being a part of?  In other words this pyramid, much more than being a tourist attraction is in fact a representation of the philosophy of the initiated.

We will now briefly examine the Baiterek Monument which was also designed by Sir Norman Foster.

The monument is symbolic of a Khazak folktale which describes a mythical tree of life & a magic bird named Samruk (happiness) whom lays a golden egg in a poplar tree.

The Egg –

The golden globe at the top of the monument is once again representative of the sun which is of course the supreme deity of the “illuminated.”  This “Tree of Life” is emblematic of the channel through which spirits travel when they leave the material world & ascend to the divine world.  This concept is prevalent in all esoteric societies.

Inside of the globe we find this enigmatic “thing.”  It is a golden triangle with President Nazarbayev’s hand print in it.  Was the good president trying to allude to the idea that as far as he was concerned he was the god of the people of Astana?

After examining just two of the many occultic monuments contained within the capital city of Astana one is left to ask themselves could we be looking at the blueprint which the “illuminated” plan on using to replace all capital cities worldwide?  & if so does it lend credence to the idea of the inevitable implementation of a New World Order?

Fore there is no one so great & mighty  that he can avoid the misery that will rise up against him when he resists & strives against god.”

-Your Fellow Traveller


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