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Located in a suburb of Toulouse, the ‘Place de la Revolution’ is probably one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati design in existence. It is designed as a huge pyramid hovering atop a map of the world.  The symbolic meaning of this structure reveals a rather grim & elitist ideology & seems to confirm the conspiracy theorist’s claims, which is of course, that the world is led by a secret cabal called the Illuminati.  The Place de la Revolution is situated on a roundabout in the rather quiet commune of Blagnac which is located in Toulouse & a constant flow of cars drive around the monument every day.

As is the case in diverse parts of the world, most local find the monument that adorns their town “nice” & “decorative” without having the slightest idea of its deep occult meaning.  To those who have “eyes to see” it becomes quite evident that the Place de ls Revolution clearly & unequivocally reveals the hidden force which has shaped the past & is relentlessly working to mold the future.  Within this apparently innocuous structure lies the goals, aspirations, philosophy & beliefs of the hidden elite who guide the clueless masses head-long towards a new world order.

The Place de la Revolution was built in 1989 to commemorate the bi-centennial anniversary of the French Revolution.  If one desires to point to a major world event which has been proven to have been inspired by through secret society machinations, one need look no further than the French Revolution.  Although popularly believed to have begun due to a public uprising over the lack of food & government representation it was in fact quite clear that the revolution was instigated by cells of French Freemasonry & the German Illuminati (for a more thorough investigation of the masonic connections to the french revolution please reference John Robinson’s work entitled Born in Blood)

The New Encyclopedia Britannica tells us that “In France there arose a political system & a philosophical outlook that no longer took Christianity for granted, that in fact explicitly exposed it…the brotherhood taught by such groups as the Freemasons, members of secret fraternal societies & the Illuminati provided a rival to the Christian sense of community.”

Secret society researcher & author Nesta H. Webster was even more direct when, in 1924, she wrote the following: “The Masons originated the Revolution with the infamous Duke of Orleans at their head.” [The Masonic Book: A Ritual & Illustration of Freemasonry]

Author Bramley wrote, “During the first French Revolution, a key rebel leader was the Duke of Orlean, who was Grand Master of French Masonry before his resignation at the height of the Revolution.  Marquis de Lafyette, the man who had been initiated into the Masonic fraternity by George Washington, also played an important role in the French revolutionary cause.  The Jacobin Club, which was the radical nucleus of the French revolutionary movement, was founded by French Freemasons.”

Far from hiding this fact, French Masons take great pride in this historical accomplishment.  Many Masonic monuments were erected in France in 1989 to celebrate Freemasonry’s role in the French Revolution.  The one in Blagnac is however particularly revealing.  It is modern, slightly futuristic even & focuses on “what is left to do” rather than on “what has been done”.

The Pyramid-

The pyramid is composed of a total of thirteen layers which is the same as the pyramid that is depicted upon the back of the one dollar bill.  Those that have studied any of the works of art or monuments that were inspired by masonic teachings will be well aware of the fact that the number thirteen is constantly represented in various ways.  This may be a subtle nod to Knights Templar connection, whom were unceremoniously decimated on Friday October 13th, however as of this writing there is no evidence suggesting this.

The top two layers of the pyramid are separated by a metallic divider.  The bottom layers of the pyramid represent the lower degrees of Masonry.  While the top two layers, which are separated by the divider, represent the Illuminati or the “hidden degrees”.  Then we come to the capstone of the pyramid which is where the “truth” is revealed & where the decisions are made.

The bottom layers are simply a school of Hermeticism & are a means to recruit “those who are worthy.”  This pyramid is literally hovering above a map of the world which is depicted within a mosaic.  The symbolism here could not be more blatant.  The pyramid, whose symbolic structure represents the secret societies infiltration of every continent, floats above the mosaic of the entire world therefore metaphorically dominating (Some might say overshadowing) & owning it.

Water within this structure also bears an important & spiritual meaning.  Emanating from the top of the pyramid, water slowly trickles down each layer to finally end up on the map of the world.  Within the mystery tradition water has always been a representation of divine wisdom.  Starting from the capstone, which is representative of the Illuminati or the elite of the world, it descends from one layer to the next, metaphorically “feeding” each Masonic degree with its share of wisdom.  The symbolic end result is that the entire world is filled with, or drowning in, this Illuminati/Masonic knowledge.  When viewed in Kabbalistic terms, water flowing through thirteen layers or “channels” is a direct reference to Mem, the fountain of wisdom.

The Bronze Tablets-

In front of the pyramid there are two bronze tablets which are very reminiscent of Moses’ ten commandments in shape but are engraved with astronomical & planetary glyphs instead of words.  The rectangle slab of bronze uniting the two tablets bears the most pronounced accomplishment of modern Illuminism which is The Declaration of Human Rights.

This Declaration contains many Masonic, Illuminist & alchemical symbols such as the eye of the Great Architect (Lucifer) in its full glory along with the Orobouros (snake eating its own tail which is emblematic of knowledge, possibly Masonic, encompassing the world), the Phrygian cap (the red hat under the Orobouros) & the fasces.  Let us not forget the two Masonic pillars on each side of the Declaration which sustain everything.  The following was written about this monument by journalist Mark Hoffman in his piece entitled Freemasonry & The Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods,

“At the visual focus of this illuminated document, & set apart with striking contrast, we find a familiar Mithraic motif.  A red Phrygian cap set atop the shining white steel of a weapon, itself braced vertically, Excalibur-like, into the presumed bedrock.  Should one doubt the symbolic significance of this spear & it’s Mithraic equivalent, the sword or harpe, attention is directed to the fasces or barsom which otherwise would remain inexplicable in this context.  Also, the red tassel situated above the fasces is an important Masonic symbol for the “mystic tie” that binds Masons, although they might be of diverse opinion & perspective, into a sacred band of friends & brothers; the knoter tie however is a more ancient symbol of cosmic trans-terrestial union.”

The most significant symbol is the eye within the triangle which is also found on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.  It is an unmistakable symbol of the mysteries of the secret societies & has become the most universally recognized symbol of Illuminism within our culture.

The entire structure is meant to resemble this eye within a triangle.  The creators of this structure inscribed at the base of the pyramid its true meaning.  One inscription says,

Le Bonhuer est dons L’angle Ou Les Sages Sant Assemblies” which can be translated to, “Happiness is in the angle where the wise are gathered.”  The phrase is a quote from Jean-Jacques Lequeu whom was a French architect from the revolutionary era that mixed Masonic principles with visionary designs.  The “angle” which was mentioned within Legueu’s enigmatic quote is a direct reference to Freemasonry within which architecture & geometry serve as the basis of their spiritual allegories.

The Masonic symbols of the compass, the square & their consideration of god as in fact being the Great Architect Of The Universe or in other words Lucifer are proof positive of this fact.  In the context of the pyramid however the quote takes on a more specific meaning.  The “angle where the wise are gathered” most probably alludes to the divider placed towards the top of the pyramid, at the level of its capstone, which is only accessible to a select few.  So what the quote really says is, “True happiness is at the top of the pyramid, the Illuminati, where the wisest unite.”

On the other side of the pyramid is another engraving which says, “Temple De La Sagesse Supreme“which can be translated to, “Temple of Supreme Wisdom.”  This is most probably the name of the actual structure which contains obvious Masonic terminology & confirms the above interpretation of its meaning.

The House-

The metal frame of a house surrounds the pyramidal structure.  This represents the metaphorical creation of the “Great Architect” (Lucifer), a great temple, inside of which divine wisdom flows freely.  On the other hand one can interpret this thing as a kind of prison.  Notice how only the tip of the pyramid reaches above the house which alludes to the fact that the Illuminati believes they are the only ones that are able to escape the confine of the material world.

In conclusion, The Place De La Revolution of Blagnac is one of those monuments which simply does not lie.  It celebrates simply, & without any political correctness, the nature of the works of the secret societies.  The “Temple of Supreme Wisdom” is permeated with symbolism which directly alludes to Freemasonry as well as the Illuminati & hides in plain sight the true philosophy of our world leaders.

The French Revolution was a conspiracy theory until it became a historical fact.  In the same way that the new world order is now a conspiracy theory waiting to become a historical fact.  There is however no need to keep this conspiracy hidden fore the masses are far too ignorant to understand what is happening.  They drive around monuments that celebrate the imminent arrival of an Illuminati lead new world order but yet deny its existence subsequently referring to those whom claim it does exist as in need of “tin foil hats”.  Maybe they are right.  Maybe this monument is nothing more than one large tin foil hat which hovers over the world in order to remind us of just how stupid we are.

“The key to wisdom is this, constant & frequent questioning, fore by doubting we are led to question & through questioning we arrive at the the truth.”

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