The Cult Of Marx

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The Origin of Marxism is within a Luciferian mystery cult.  Something Which only a few Marxists are aware of.  In early youth Marx was a Christian.  His first work was entitled, Unity In Believers of Christ According to The Gospel of John.  But soon after receiving his diploma, something strange happened.  Even before Moses Hess led Marx to socialistic persuasions in 1841, he had become a zealous atheist.  This change of character could be seen in his later student years.  In one of his verses Marx wrote, “I long to take vengeance on the one who rules from above.”  Was Marx only someones speaker in this defiant assertion?  During this period, these lines written by him from the poem entitled, Conjuration of Falling Into Despair:

“I’ll set up my throne above, cold & terrible will be the peak of it.  Superstitious trembling is at it’s base, master most black agony.  The one who will look with healthy looks, will turn away, turn pale & deadly mute.  Possessed by blind & cold deathness, will prepare a tomb with his happiness.”

These lines are strangely reminescent of Lucifer’s proud boast, which is as follows:

I will ascend to Heaven, higher than God’s stars I will set up my throne.” – Isaiah 14:13

Why did Marx need such a throne?  The answer to this question is contained within an infamous drama which was written by Marx.  The drama is entitled Oulanem.  In it there is mention of a satanic black mass, a ritual which is conducted by a priest at midnight within which a bible is burned on a black altar.  All types of depravity are promised to the participants as they mire themselves within the midst of an orgy.  The Oulanem can be understood once we invistigate Marx’s bizarre confession which is contained within the verse of the Oulanem which  is entitled “Nidler”:

” Hellish evaporations rise & fill my brains, until I will go mad & my heart will not change dramatically.  See this sword?  The King of Darkness sold it to me.”

These lines have special meaning when we take into account that during the rituals of higher dedication into a satanic cult  a sword that guarantees success is sold to prospective initiate.  He pays for it  by signing the contract with blood extracted from his veins,  this act is said to bind his soul to the devil after death.  Now I will quote yet another “enlightening” section of the Oulanem:

“Fore he is marking time & giving signs.  Bolder & bolder I play the dance of death, & they too, Oulanem, Oulanem.  This name sounds like death, sounds until won’t stop in miserable shapes.  Halt! Now I have it.  It rises from my soul, clear as air, hard as my bones.  & still, you personified mankind, I may take you by the power of my mighty hands & crush with fierce force in the meantime, as the abyss gapes before me & you in the darkness, you will fall in it & I will follow you, laughing & whispering into your ear.  Come down with me friend!”

The Holy Scriptures, which Marx learned in high school, relate that the Devil was cast down by an angel into the abyss (Rev. 20:3).  Why would Marx want to send all mankind into the abyss which had been prepared for the Devil & his fellow traitorous angels?  Who speaks for Marx within this drama? Is it reasonable to expect this from such a young man, that he would dream that mankind would fall into the “abyss” & that laughing he will follow those who were ensnared by unbelief?

Nowhere in the world is this idea cultivated except within the rituals of dedication into the higher degrees of the Satanic Church.  Oulanem is probably the only drama in the world within which all the players or so sure of their sinfulness that they subsequently revel in it as though they were on a holiday.  There is neither white nor black, neither Claudio nor Ophelia or Iago & Desdemona.  Everything is black within it & everyone appeared to possess the proto-typical depiction of Mephistopheles.

All of its players are demonic & doomed to perish.  While Marx was penning Oulanem the plan for his life was quite clear.  He had no illusions about serving mankind, the proletariat or socialism.  He wanted to destroy the world, set up a throne for himself that would be based upon the worlds dersivie elements.  Marx had a penchant for quoting Mephistopheles’ words as spoken in Faust:

“All exisitng is worthy to be destroyed”

Let us now examine current communistic socieities within our world since the time of Marx & understand what his idealism has brought.

U.S.S.R.- By 1953 twenty million Soviet citizens had been brutally slaughtered within Stalin’s labor camps & gualags as well as summarily executed by his death squads.

China- In 1966 Chairman Mao announced the “Great Cultural Revolution.”  Over a million people were killed by this sadistic campaign of torture & murder.

Southeat Asia/Cambodia- The Khmer Rouge, Communist Guerillas, seized power of Cambodia.  70% of the entire population were slaughtered in the “killing fields”.

Marx’s correspondence with his father is a testament to his behaivour which caused endless conflicts with his parents.  Some mysterious entries appear within this correspondence.  For instance the son writes,

“The cover has fallen.  My holy of holies was rent asunder & there was a need to put new gods there.”

This was written on November 10, 1837 by the young man who previously professed to to be a Christian.  Fore whatever reason his system of belief changed dramatically.  What new gods replaced Christ?  Marx’s father replied (February 10, 1838),

“I did’nt demand any explanations about such a mysterious thing, though it seems to be very controversial.”  

What was that mysterious thing?  No biographer has been able to explain these puzzling words.  What suddenly caused young Marx’s father to express anxiety for the controversial influences which had overtaken his young son?

I shall now quote one final poem which Mr. Marx wrote,

“I have lost heaven, & know that for sure.  My soul, once faithful to god, now is destined for hell.”

Ineed not comment.  Marx was the implacable enemy of all gods, a man who bought a sword from the prince of darkness for the price of his soul.


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